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Merchandise Selection Planner

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It’s Time to Get Strategic About Selecting Your Branded Merchandise

The Divine Edge: Merchandise Selected Planner is a tool developed especially for you. Strategically define how your branded merchandise will be used by defining your project, target audience, goals, distribution plan, and brand. Afterwards, choose branded merchandise options and evaluate whether the options under consideration match your defined goals.


Reach Your Target Audience with Ease

Get your merchandise out of the box and in the hands of people you want to connect with. The Divine Edge: Merchandise Selected Planner enables you to define your target audience, distribution plan and goal. Defining these aspects of your plan helps to ensure that the right people receive your merchandise.

Match Your Merchandise with Your Brand

Communicate a consistent message. You’ve spent lots of resources defining your brand. There’s no reason to stop doing this when purchasing branded merchandise. Select merchandise that matches your brand and your key message, without disregarding what appeals to your audience.

Measure Your Results

Put an end to blindly distributing your branded merchandise. With clearly defined and measurable goals, you can now assess the performance of distributing your branded merchandise and make adjustments as needed.


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