Live Your LIGHT

A Personal Branding Guide

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Are You Living Your LIGHT?

  • Do you find yourself shaping your actions based on what others think about you?

  • Do you have an awesome message, but think others will not listen to it?

  • Do you struggle with expressing your brand visually?

  • Do you want to impact the world around you, but don't know how?

If you answered yes to any of the above questions, then Live Your LIGHT, A Personal Branding Guide is for you.  

Live Your Light was developed just for you.  After all, everything you do - your work, your business, your community involvement, your parenting, etc. - is an extension of you.

You are a brand! Your brand deserves to be represented well. 


Live Your LIGHT, A Personal Branding Guide, is a self-study that will show you how to:


Connect with Your Legitimate Identity

Define your fundamental purpose for existence through creation of a personal mission and vision statement.


Communicate Your Incredible Perspective

Compose your unique message based on your core values and related experiences and identify who should hear the message.


Showcase a Grandiose Image

Outline the visual elements of your brand including key colors, imagery, and typographic styling standards.


Create Helpful Solutions

Establish a plan for sharing your unique message with your intended audience in various marketplace experiences.


Make a Transformational Impact

Engage as a leader! Identify people and organizations you can partner with for impact.


After completing this self-study, you will be well equipped not only to take ownership of your brand, but to transform the world around you with your incredible perspective.

Don't allow others to define your brand for you. Take intentional action to define and manage your brand. 

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