Yay, you’re all booked!!!

Hey! I just wanted to give you a big, warm welcome and tell you I am so excited to begin working on your project! I promise to give you my very best work, but in order to do that I need a little help from you. This page will tell you exactly what I need you to do before the project begins and provide you with a few tips and tricks to help you help ME design my best work yet for your amazing brand. Because guess what? You deserve it. 

You just made the BEST decision to invest in a professional design. But I know you may be feeling nervous about that decision. 

I want to assure you that you have nothing to feel nervous about.

Professional graphic and print design makes you look and feel like a pro in your industry. It converts more email subscribers on your website. It converts more customers and clients. And it helps those clients and customers TRUST your brand more.

Good design helps you attract more customers, bring in more inquiries, make you look more professional and ‘seasoned’ in your industry, and take you from where you are to where you dream of being!


Ok, let’s get started. First things first.. what’s this page about?

On this page you’ll find:

  1. A few boundaries I like my clients and I to stick to during the project.

  2. A detailed look at my design process, so you’re always kept in the loop and know what’s happening next.

  3. A quick 2 minute video that’ll teach you how to use my project management system throughout the design process. 

  4. A little info on our deadlines and my payment policy.

  5. Some easy guidelines to help you provide really helpful feedback on your designs.

  6. A list of some frequently asked questions my clients ask me. 

  7. And lastly, a look at what happens next.


Here’s when you can expect to hear from me.

My Work Hours: Monday - Friday, 9am - 4pm

My Meeting Days: Monday - Thursday

My Communication Hours: Monday - Friday, 9:30am - 3:30pm.


To help keep your project on track to finishing on time, please provide feedback on your designs within three business days of receiving them. 

I really appreciate your effort to provide files and feedback on time. Timeliness from both of us will help us get your project done on (or even before!) the deadline so you can move on to the next exciting task on your to-do list and I can cheer you on.

My Design Process

It’s important for you to understand what's happening throughout your project. For this reason, I’ve detailed my design process for all graphic design and branded merchandise projects. This will give you an idea of what’s happening when.



Project Management

Now you’re booked in my schedule, we’ll stop using email to have our conversations and we’ll start using the client portal.

The client portal provides a secure space online where we can have conversations, share files, set reminders, and create to-do lists.

Files often get lost when I’m managing projects through email, but nothing gets lost or forgotten in the client portal. It’s the simplest way to keep your project organized and make sure it goes as smoothly as possible!

Don’t worry – you won’t need to pay for the client portal and it’s not hard to use. Click the play button to watch a 2-minute tutorial on how to use it!


Payment Policy

  • A non-refundable 50% deposit is due to book your spot in my schedule.

  • The remaining balance is due when the project is complete but before I hand over your final files and/or order any branded merchandise.

As outlined in my contract, if your first 50% payment is late, I can put your project on hold. We can restart the project at a later date subject to my availability.

Your final payment is expected at the completion of the project, before project files are released and personalized collateral marketing products are produced. This payment is due 14 days upon receipt. If payment has not been made by the 14th day, a $50 late fee will be added. If payment is delayed more than 30 days, interest will accrue equal to 1% of the unpaid balance, starting on the 15th day.

Deadlines & Timelines

I probably don’t need to remind you how important it is that we both do our best to stick to the deadlines and timelines we put in place in this project. If we both provide files and feedback on time, it’ll help us get your project done on (or even before!) the deadline so you can move on to the next exciting task on your to-do list and I can cheer you on.

Late files, feedback and payment will impact your ability to promote your brand and/or event. Failure to meet specified deadlines can cause:

  • Delays in receipt of marketing collaterals;

  • Lost profits and other incidental, consequential and special charges;

  • Revisions to the project schedule, adjusting the due date to a later date.

If you need a reminder of what will happen when feedback, files or payments are delayed, please see the Payment Schedule and Cancellation Policy and Project Collaboration sections of our contract.

I know you’ll do your best to provide timely communication, and I can assure you I’ll do the same. I’m really looking forward to working with you!

Feedback Guidelines

I really appreciate simple and straightforward feedback. It helps me clearly understand your thoughts and make the right changes to your designs.

Here are a few tips on providing awesome feedback:

  • Try and use bullet points to break up your feedback.

  • Use headers to organize your feedback.

  • Read over your feedback to make sure it’s clear and check that you’ve answered any questions I may have asked.

  • Post your feedback as a comment on the relevant section of your client portal instead of emailing me directly. Back and forth emails can get tiring but communicating through the client portal is a breeze!

  • If you have team members that would like to add their feedback, I ask that you gather the feedback into one message. This stops everyone from getting confused and keeps the project organized.

Please be reminded that feedback must be provided within 3 business days.


Frequently Asked Questions

+ How long will it take to complete my project?

The initial design for design projects is completed within 3-5 business days, contingent upon receipt of all required information. The expected delivery timeframe will be listed in the project agreement.

+ Do you offer rush services?

Yes, we do. Any project requiring turnaround before the standard timeframe will incur a rush fee equal to 40% of the design cost.

+ When will I receive my branded merchandise?

Branded merchandise is ordered towards the end of the project to ensure that your merchandise is decorated with your final logo. Upon submission of your final payment, your selected merchandise will be ordered from the appropriate vendors. Product decoration time at the vendor locations can range from 3 days to 14 days, with up to an additional 5 days for product delivery. These timelines will be communicated upon product selection.

+ I already have the image that I need for my branded merchandise. Do I need to pay for design services?

It all depends. In some cases we may be able to use the file you have and you will not need to pay for design services. Some branded merchandise decorators require that graphic files are in a vector format. If this is the case, we will work with you to ensure your files are in a vector format.

+ What happens if the branded merchandise I ordered does not look like the image?

We work hard to ensure that doesn't happen. Prior to anything being printed, you will receive a production ready proof. A production ready proof is a virtual image of what the decorator will be printing on your branded merchandise. We will not send anything to print without your approval. In the rare case that what was printed does not match what was sent to print, we will work with the supplier to remedy the situation.

+ How are products shipped?

All products are shipped by trackable mail using USPS, UPS, or Fed Ex. You will be provided with tracking numbers for all products shipped.

+ What if I need services that aren't listed on this page?

When you get in touch, be sure to mention any extra services you need. We can discuss them during your consultation and I can provide you with a separate quote!

What happens next?

After you’ve submitted your request for design services, we’re all set to begin your project!

Click here to set up an optional 30 minute call where you can ask any last-minute questions you may have before your project starts. (Make sure you choose the Chat with Monica option.)

I look forward to working with you!