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what is branded merchandise?

Branded merchandise is a term used to describe promotional merchandise or products branded with a logo or slogan and distributed at minimum to no cost to promote a brand, corporate identity, or event.  It also includes merchandise branded and sold for profit by a brand.

Branded merchandise consists of a number of products including:

  • Apparel

  • Drinkware

  • Writing Instruments

  • Bags

  • Awards

  • Trade Show Displays and Signage

  • and more

Branded merchandise is the only form of advertising that is capable of engaging all 5 senses.

Branded merchandise is the #1 most effective form of advertising

People of varying age groups were asked in a national survey to rank the effectiveness of the 5 types of advertising - broadcast media, print, mobile contact, online contact, and branded merchandise. The results were unanimous - each generation ranked branded merchandise as #1.

We only have about 8 seconds to capture our audience’s attention. 8 seconds. That’s about as long as it takes to identify that your phone is ringing and answer it, if it’s nearby. Not a very long time. Yet, we are expected to capture, pitch, and sell audiences in that amount of time in hopes that they make a decision in our favor. And guess what? Only having 8 seconds isn’t our only issue. There’s another monumental challenge before us… all the other messages competing people’s attention.

Yes, we have to compete for our audience’s attention. Every day we process through an innumerable amount of information. It’s constantly being fed to us - from the phone, computer, tablet, conversations, billboards, radio ads, and so on. Unless we intentionally disconnect, information is constantly flowing at us. Our brains have a great way of handling things though. Much of the information is ignored. That doesn’t feel good when it’s your message that’s being ignored. You work hard to stand out, and yet you’re ignored.

Branded merchandise is able to help you capture people’s attention quickly and be heard. Not only that, it’s the only form of advertising welcomed by customers. Branded merchandise is a tangible representation of your brand. It creates surprise and delight among people. People welcome branded merchandise in their places, spaces, and hands. It’s the only form of advertising that turns an ordinary message into a marketing experience that people can smell, taste, see, hear, and touch.

82% of the people who receive branded merchandise have a more favorable impression of the brand giving them the merchandise.
— 2017 PPAI Customer Survey

Photo by paje victoria on Unsplash

Photo by paje victoria on Unsplash

branded merchandise keeps you memorable

A leading university conducted a study about the effectiveness of branded merchandise. Here’s a little of what they found.

  • 8 out of 10 people own at least 1, but less than 10 branded merchandise items

  • 88% of the people who own branded merchandise are able to recall the name and advertiser on the product

  • 62% of people remember the message on branded merchandise

  • 82% of people have a more favorable impression of the brand providing them with the merchandise

  • 85% of people did business with a company after receiving branded merchandise

Branded merchandise is a key component to not just attracting customers, but in getting them to do business with you. Branded merchandise also plays a pivotal role in establishing the perspective of your brand among audiences.

Organizations that use branded merchandise recognize their value to their marketing campaigns. 87% say that branded merchandise contributed to the success of their marketing goals. The results are in!!! Branded merchandise works and if you want to be memorable to your audience, it is imperative to incorporate them into your marketing strategy.

87% of buyers credit branded merchandise with contributing to the success of them reaching their marketing goals.
— 2017 PPAI Customer Survey

branded merchandise items are useful to audiences

Customers keep and use branded merchandise items that they find useful. That’s why it’s important to choose an appropriate item for your brand, audience, and message.

81% of customer reported they keep items because they find them useful.

Now get this… 53% of customers say they use their branded merchandise items once per week and nearly half say they keep their items for more than a year. Branded merchandise items become integrated in your customers lives.

Why is this important? Other forms of advertising require you to capture your audience’s attention again. This means paying more money. With branded merchandise, once you print and distribute the item, each time your customer interacts with the item, they are reminded of your brand and… it didn’t cost you any additional money.

For the price of printing one time, your brand’s message is exposed many times. In the world of advertising, that’s priceless.

Photo by Nicole Honeywill on Unsplash

Photo by Nicole Honeywill on Unsplash

96% of all buyers believe branded merchandise is an effective form of advertisement.
— 2017 PPAI Customer Survey

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